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Student experiences

On this page you will find accounts of real students studying pharmacy at various levels.


Ali Albasri, third-year MPharm, Aston University

"The nature of Aston’s pharmacy programme means that we are taught to tackle real life issues from a multitude of angles. Lectures from researchers who specialise in their field, case study workshops, labs, hospital and community placements, as well as computer-aided learning programmes have all contributed to my professional development.

"Having accessible tutors has opened up opportunities for me to get involved with research at the university in order to give me insight into a possible career path in that field."

Georgina Ridgway, final-year MPharm, De Montfort University

"During my time at De Montfort University I have learnt a number of skills and gained valuable experiences that are important to my career aspirations. The ability to reflect on practice is a vital skill that will help me to develop both personally and professionally. I have found the course very interesting as it covers a wide range of topics, from clinical skills to aseptic preparation techniques. Overall, I believe that I have had an excellent experience and everything that I have learnt will be valuable to me during my hospital pre-registration training and my future career."


Zoe Phillips, third-year MPharm, University of Manchester

"Trying to encompass my passion for pharmacy in 100 words feels nearly as difficult as finding a cure for HIV, but here goes. Right from the start of my MPharm I decided to get involved in anything and everything extra curricular that the degree could offer! Experiencing first hand the increasing importance of pharmacy in healthcare has inspired me. I value the variety of the profession, the endless opportunities and the positive impact it has on so many patients’ lives. My ambition is to become the best possible pharmacist that I can be."


David McDonnell, final-year MPharm Student,

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

"Studying pharmacy is great. Aside from the student social events in pharmacy, which are fantastic, I feel the lecturers take a genuine interest in all the students; they are approachable and provide a real supportive role in our learning experience. Programmes provided for us such as IPE (inter-professional education) where we interact with other developing health care professionals really aid in developing the necessary skills to be competent pharmacists.

"The mock pharmacy is a fun and practical way to learn how to conduct consultations with patients. The sterile and formulation laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipment and this ensures that we obtain industrial skills and techniques before leaving university. This, I am positive, will make the transition between student and professional a smooth one.

"PBLs (problem-based learning cases) are an innovative and exciting way to learn. We take the theory we have learned in the books and apply this knowledge to individual cases. In my opinion it is a challenging and interactive way of learning. This academic, social and practical training that we receive allows us to deal with any problems that we would come across as pharmacists and this is why I am thoroughly satisfied with the pharmacy programme at RGU."


Zahra Hamrang, DPharm, University of Manchester

"A unique aspect about pharmacy is the diversity of topics it encompasses, enabling me to switch between functioning as a clinician and a research scientist since registration as a pharmacist. This meant that at AstraZeneca I was able to understand the implications of formulation instability from both a clinical and physicochemical viewpoint, therefore adopting a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to problem-solving.

"Skills gained from the degree programme and the pre-registration year have enabled me to efficiently perform research during my PhD, whilst wearing ‘the pharmacist’ hat during weekends – an aspect I rather enjoy!"


Adam Sutherland, DPharm, Keele University

"I’m a specialist clinical pharmacist in paediatrics in Manchester. I was looking for a different challenge to develop myself and help me achieve my goal of becoming a consultant pharmacist. The Keele DPharm course has suited me perfectly with its focus on advanced practice and development. I’ve matured as a practitioner enormously and my colleagues have observed me making a step-change in my practice.

"Being distance learning, I have the freedom to learn how I want, when I want and with a bit of discipline I’ve managed to maintain my busy social and work life and have real ly enjoyed studying."