About us

Who we are

As the collective voice of the UK’s thirty pharmacy schools, the Pharmacy Schools Council provides a source of expert opinion and advice on matters concerning pharmacy education and careers from the perspective of pharmacy schools.

Each member pharmacy school is represented by its head, making the Council the informed and authoritative voice on matters of pharmacy education and the profession, as well as the science behind today’s emerging and complex medicines and treatments.

The Pharmacy Schools Council is steered by the Executive Committee, which is elected from among the membership. In addition, there is the Admissions Group, formed from the heads of admissions from the pharmacy schools.


  • To enhance partnerships and support to the profession of pharmacy
  • To lead, advise and deliver the education of future pharmacists
  • To advise on, contribute to and enable continual postgraduate education and professional development
  • To enable world-leading research in pharmaceutical science and pharmacy practice
  • To lead nationally and internationally in the delivery of innovative, research-informed pharmacy undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • To prepare and educate the profession for independent prescribing, safe delivery and optimisation of the development and use of medicines
  • To promote partnerships and ensure informed government, professional, regulatory and stakeholder policy development
  • To maintain and develop the differentiated skills of the pharmacist
  • To develop a culture of confidence within the profession

A full constitution can be read here.